Diabetes Resource Pack

 The Diabetes in Primary Care  Nurses’ Network have collated and agreed a sample Diabetes Resource Pack, for use in a primary care setting.  The resource pack contains a range of clinical information and guidelines, leaflets, websites and other resources covering all aspects of diabetes care.




Lifestyle – Food and Fitness

Getting Active for Better Health

Get Ireland Active

How To Be Active For A Happy Heart

Food and Diabetes – the First Steps

Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes


Foot Care

Taking steps towards good foot care low risk

Taking steps towards good foot care medium risk

Taking steps towards good foot care high risk



Living Well with Pre-Diabetes

Diabetes Passport

Blood Sugar Diary


Sick Day Rules

Man Talk – ED and Diabetes

Diabetes Ireland

QUIT pharmacy support

QUIT guide

Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy

CIPC Users Guide

CIPC Users Guide HSE South (Cork & Kerry)

Driving with Diabetes

Diabetes and Driving Patient Information Leaflet

Don’t Drive Below 5

Diabetes Education for Learning disability and Literacy problems

HSE Blood Glucose Testing Guide 2016




Clinical Guidelines: Ireland

A Practical Guide to Integrated Type 2 Diabetes Care (2016)

Galway Practice Nurse Diabetes Toolkit (2015)

Diabetes Resource Manual HSE West (2009)

Type 2 Diabetes at a Glance (2016)


Clinical Guidelines: International

ADA Standards of Medical Care (2014)

UK SIGN Guidelines on Diabetes (2010)

UK NICE Guidelines on Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes ADA-EASD Treatment Guidelines (2012)


Screening, Registers, Audit

Creating a practice register

IPCRN Irish Primary Care Research Network and Diabetes Audit

SCORE European High Risk and Low Risk Charts

FindRisk Screen

Diabetes screening and diagnosis


Pharmacotherapy, Protocols, Other

GLP1 guidelines

Glucose Control Pharmacotherapy

Blood Pressure Control Pharmacotherapy

Primary Care Diabetes Management Guidelines (Beaumont)

FIT Insulin Injection technique

Insulin Chart

Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot

Glycaemic Control AACE/ADA Consensus Statement

HSE Long Term Illness Scheme – Diabetes

Blood glucose monitoring

Management of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Supporting Behavioural Change – Flowchart

HIQA Risk Assessment of Blood Glucose Monitoring in Designated Centres (2014)

Irish Medicines Board Safe use of Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems (2011)

DNS referral protocol (Midlands)

DNS referral protocol (ECAD)

DNS referral protocol (DiGP, Cork)

GP Circular 21st March 2016 Test Strips




Diabetes Foot Ulcer Assessment and Referral Form

Referral to Foot Protection Service

Smoking Cessation Local Support Services

DESMOND Programme

CODE Programme

XPERT programme

X-PERT Application Form 2014

Diabetic Retinascreen

CIPC Referrers Guide

CIPC Referrers Guide – HSE South (Cork & Kerry)

CIPC Referral Form – HSE South (Cork & Kerry)





HSE Patient Information: Diabetes

HSE National Clinical Programme: Diabetes

X-pert Diabetes programme

QUIT  National smoking cessation programme

Health Promotion Unit  for a range of national leaflets and campaign information

Weight Watchers for local meetings and membership information

NCBI low vision services National services for people with vision problems

Get Active Ireland National and Local Database of Activities

Diabetes UK – UK patient website


Video Resources

23 1/2 hours – What is the single best thing that we can do for our health?  Youtube video link

What if we’re wrong about diabetes?  TED Talk Video: Dr Peter Attia

I had a black dog – his name was depression WHO Youtube video link




HSE Local Offices for podiatry/chiropody services and contacts

Local DSIG Membership (Cork/Kerry)

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