Community Diabetes Nurse

DiGP employed a Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Angie O’Connor in 2011 who has had a very positive impact on patient care. Angie divides her time between DiGP practices (80%) and the diabetes day centre SIVUH (20%).

The DiGP Diabetes Nurse Specialist Service is available to 30 DiGP practices

Criteria for Referral to DiGP Diabetes Nurse

Patients with HbA1c > 58mmol/mmol (7.5%) for 3 months (suggest prioritise most recently dx first rather than eg. patients dx >10years – as UKPDS study re benefits of early glycaemic control giving cardiovascular protection into the future. Practices will decide on the individual patients who will get most benefit from this service.

Patients who require GLP1 or insulin initiatation

Patients with poor Glycaemic control on insulin therapy

Patients with recurrent hypoglycaemia

Patients with loss of hypoglycaemia awareness

Patients with Type 1 who have DNA hospital clinics-Angie will review and encourage to attend patient to re-engage with secondary care service

Angie can be contacted at
Phone number  085 8894733

The funding for this post has been provided by an unrestricted grants from MSD (3years), Novo Nordisk (4 Years), Sanofi Aventis (5 Years), Astra Zeneca (1 year) and DiGP funding from our annual conference.

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