The HSE National Clinical Programmes

The Health Service Executive Clinical Strategy and Programmes Directorate was established to improve and standardise patient care by bringing together clinical disciplines and enabling them to share innovative solutions to deliver greater benefits to every user of HSE services.

The directorate has established a number of National Clinical Programmes. The Programmes are based on three main objectives

  • To improve the quality of care we deliver to all users of HSE services
  • To improve access to all services
  • To improve cost effectiveness

The National Diabetes Clinical Care Programme :  


The aim of the Diabetes Programme:-

Save the lives, eyes and limbs of patients with diabetes


The objectives of the Diabetes Programme:-

Quality:  Reduction in mortality by 10%, reduction in morbidity (reduce blindness by 40%, amputations by 40% cardiovascular events by 20%).

Access:  Everyone with Diabetes should access a structured programme of care incorporating all aspects of diabetes care.

Cost:  Increased efficiencies to meet increasing demand of 10% year on year.


More information about the National Diabetes Programme can be found on the HSE diabetes website

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